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The Hunter Valley Wine and Tourism Association (HVWTA) is a ‘not-for-profit’ membership based incorporated body, responsible for destination and wine marketing, advocacy as well as technical and business support for all facets of the Hunter Valley wine and tourism industries from viticulture through to winemaking and tourism/wine promotion.

The HVWTA represents a variety of operators from all sectors throughout the local economy within the Cessnock and Singleton Local Government Areas; incorporating the Cessnock Council 1(v) Vineyard Area and the towns and villages comprising the destination known as ‘Hunter Valley Wine Country’ which may include businesses in other Upper Hunter, and/or other municipalities who share the Hunter Valley Wine Country brand.



A variety of partnership marketing opportunities are available with Hunter Valley Wine & Tourism Association. These initiatives provide tourism operators with the opportunity to market and promote their product with greater effectiveness collaboratively.

All partnership opportunities are communicated within our prospectus, click here to view.

To participate in these activities you must first become a member of HVWTA.

As a member of HVWTA your business can be promoted through various marketing mediums that increase your company’s reach, these marketing mediums include both digital and print.

You can also increase your advertising frequency and leverage from a broader base of distribution by being part of the Hunter Valley Magazine which includes the Official Guide and HVWTA’s website  

HVWTA has a strong emphasis on digital marketing that is integrated with social media communications. 

HVWTA also devises targeted marketing campaigns, PR and travel trade partnerships.  


For further information, please get in contact via our Contact Us Form & choose the 'Membership' option. 

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 Our mission, on behalf of members, is to be the focus of excellence within Australian wine quality and wine tourism, and the Association is committed to   working with our members’ businesses by marketing the destination and our wines, featuring their unique products and experiences. For all the essential   information on HVWTA membership is contained within the membership prospectus.


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