Millbrook Estate Wines

Opening Hours: Open 7 days

A small family owned and operated vineyard, winery, distillery and underground sparkling wine cellar in superb scenic setting. Open seven days.

The first Chardonnay grapes were planted in 1996 followed by Shiraz in 2000 and Sauvignon Blanc in 2002.
The Victorian farmhouse winery was built in 1999 of sandstock bricks (some of which are 150 years old).
During the wine making process after separation, winery waste water is passed through a gravity system biolytic filter then into the vineyard.  Dry waste is composted and augments organic dry fertilizer and organic folia fertilizer.  No pesticides are used because we rely on indigenous predators.
Millbrook Estate is home to micro bats, frogs, frilled neck lizards, blue tongue lizards and numerous birds (for which we provide nesting boxes).
All harvesting and pruning is done by hand.
An underground cellar was built to age our sparkling wines (methode champenoise) and our boutique distillery (pot still and column still) was completed in 2003.
Production of grape spirits for liquor (fortified) range and more recently for a four (4) year aged Brandy Liqueur has been carried out at the winery distillary since then.
Visitors are welcome at Millbrook Estate - because of our extensive and diverse range of styles, there is something to suit every taste.
Why not arrange a visit by phoning (02) 4998 1155 for a special wine tasting and tour of the property.

Winemaker's Name: John Lyons 
Years of Operation: 12 
Wines Produced: Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon blanc, verdelho, pinot noir, shiraz, merlot, muscat, fruit wine. 
Wine Varieties: Red and white table wines, dessert wines, fortified range, sparkling wine (methode champenoise), liqueur brandy, lemonella wine 
Awards: Numerous bronze and silver awards including gold medal and trophy for our Sparkling Wine 

Operator details

Location: RA 1617 Mount View Road, Millfield NSW 2325
Phone: +61 2 4998 1155
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