Newcastle Airport Pty Limited

Offering passengers a hassle-free travel experience, Newcastle Airport has all the charm of a small airport, with all the conveniences of a large one - such as free wireless internet, five car rental companies on-site, easy airport transfers, and a variety of food and beverage outlets.

Newcastle Airport has direct services to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney and offers connecting flights all around Australia.

Our friendly team help you at every stage of your journey through the airport - our friendly operations team will assist you on the kerb and our volunteer Ambassadors - in their distinctive teal blazer - will happily answer your questions and provide company whilst you wait for your flight.

Next time you come to Newcastle, discover what a millions of others have discovered before you - the ease of travelling through Newcastle Airport.



Operator details

Location: Williamtown Drive, WILLIAMTOWN
Phone: 02 4928 9800
Fax: 02 4965 1927
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